Year 5 have been working hard studying ‘Observational Poetry’ as part of our Literacy curriculum. Our most recent focus has been to use figurative language to help write poetry which brings our observations to life in ways we might not expect.

We have learned about metaphor, simile, personification, alliteration as well as revisiting relative clauses and expanded noun phrases.

Yesterday, 5JS painted their own take on the sky and today, focussed on a poem entitled ‘Sky-Artist’. We thought about the sky as though it were something entirely different – an artist’s canvas and the changing clouds and colours the pictures painted upon it.

The children then wrote their own poem about the sky using our class poem ‘Don’t be afraid’ as a structure scaffold.

What can I say? I am so impressed! You really have outdone yourselves children and although they’re now part of a wonderful display in school, I couldn’t wait to share your work with your family and friends. Take a look below! (I will add more of the children’s work as they complete it.)

Miss Sanderson 🙂

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