This week’s spellings for 5JS:

Homophones – words that sound the same (from the Greek words homo – the same and phone – sound) but have different spellings and meanings.

  • stationary – something that is not moving
  • stationery – you can buy a pen from a stationery shop
  • farther – ‘I live farther away from school than you.’
  • father – a man who has children
  • cereal – you might eat this for breakfast
  • serial – ‘Series three of my favourite serial starts on television tonight.‘
  • heard – when you can hear something with your ears
  • herd – a group of cows or elephants for example
  • steel – a type of manufactured metal – ‘The steel industry boomed in the industrial revolution.’
  • steal – to take something that isn’t yours

Please practise these words – and your year 3/4 gaps – using your SPaG Activity book and Spelling Menu.

Thank you, Miss Sanderson 🙂