Just a quick reminder: your children will be focussing on Spellings as part of their Literacy homework this term. They have been given an updated list of words (columns 3 and 4) to practise from their year 5 and 6 statutory words (see below), as well as a ‘Spelling Menu’.

The children need to choose an activity from the menu, which they then use as a tool for practising their chosen spelling. We have found the children really respond to this form of learning spellings and it really does make them more memorable!

We will also continue to work on spelling rules using our Read Write Spell scheme; your child will receive words to practise which can also be practised using the Spelling Menu.

I’d be grateful if you could encourage your child to practise their spellings as often as possible to have the greatest impact on their progress. Your child needs to return the book to School every Monday so we can see that they are practising.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask… Many thanks, Miss Sanderson 🙂