What a busy time the year 2 Waste Warriors have had!

In preparation for their presentation at the Open Zone, the team have been researching, designing, and of course building! They’ve also decided on their amazing team name – Ashley Waste Warriors! We love it!

Last week, the year group were visited by Wendy from Groundworks, who answered lots of questions about local waste management, in particular how we can reduce, reuse and recycle more effectively. Wendy gave us some great ideas for reusing waste in our Outdoor Classroom! An important message she left with us was, ‘if in doubt, leave it out!’ Recycling can become very costly if we don’t do it properly, so if you’re not sure, leave it out and check for next time!

Our caretaker, Mrs Ovington, showed us how she manages our school waste, she explained how it is collected, where it is taken in the school, and where it goes afterwards.

On Wednesday the team visited Middlefields Recycling Village where they met with Bill McGill. He was great and the children had a brilliant time learning all about waste management in the area, recycling, reusing and how to turn waste into energy. We also visited the on site shop where discarded items that can be reused are rescued, cleaned and checked, then sold at very reasonable prices. The team did try to convince Miss Davison and I to buy them a table top football game to bring back to school, unfortunately we were returning on foot so had to leave it there for someone else, (much to their disappointment!)

The team have also been planning their ‘Show Me’ poster for the presentation and have begun the big build… It is very exciting to see everything come together! 🙂

Things are certainly coming along nicely and the children loved meeting Wendy and Bill, many thanks to our very own Mrs Ovington, Groundworks and South Tyneside Council!

Keep it up team, Miss Davison and I are very proud! 🙂

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