I was incredibly impressed with the photographic talents and imaginations of my class today!

As part of our current Literacy topic – Observational Poetry – I asked the children to take a selection of photographs in and around our outdoor areas, but with one catch: the children had to remove themselves from the here and now, and imagine what else their captured images could represent. This was not an easy task and relied upon the children not only using their imagination, but also applying that to the literary techniques of metaphor, simile, personification, imagery and expanded noun phrases.

I can honestly say I am absolutely over the moon and amazed by not only their efforts, but also the way in which they applied themselves to the task with such enthusiasm and excitement.

You have blown Mrs H and I away today children – you shared your ideas and worked so well as a team. The end product? A wonderful array of photographs and ideas which will form the basis of our next Literacy lesson: writing a poem using metaphor and expanded noun phrases, in the style and structure of a poem we plan to study in class.

Well done 5JS! You should be proud of yourselves. I’m fairly certain I have some future photographers, poets and artists in my midst!

Miss Sanderson 🙂

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