Today draws to a close what has been the strangest school year in my 28 years of teaching. We end the year having supported up to 125 children in school and all of the other children and parents at home, since 23rd March. 

Hopefully, we will all be together again in September. This is what we have prepared for, however, depending on any further Government announcements, this may change. I will post a further update/reminder during the week beginning 31st August.

Drop off/Collection

At the moment this is when you should bring your child to school/ collect them at the end of the school day from 7th September. Please note that Nursery and Reception children have their own instructions for the first few weeks, you have been issued a letter with start times etc. 

Y5/6 – 8:40am / 3:10pm
Y3/4 – 8:50am  / 3:15pm
Y1/2 – 9am  / 3:20pm
Rec – 9:10am / 3:25pm (see letter)
Nursery – 8:30/11:30    12:30/3:30pm (see letter)
If you have more than one child, your older children should come to school when you drop off the youngest one. The older children will also come out when the younger children finish. We will get your children to you, so that everyone can stick to the one way system. Please try to arrive on the time stated. We cannot have people waiting on the yard for any length of time and once children are collected, you should leave the premises immediately. 
Everyone MUST enter the school premises from the Ashley Road entrance and leave by the gate onto Temple Park Road. We would request that only 1 adult does the drop off/collection, to avoid having to many people on the premises at any one time. This system has worked brilliantly since 8th June, so we assume it can still work with more children attending. This can only happen if everyone abides by the rules. We thank you in advance for this.
This will all be reviewed at the end of September, or earlier if necessary.
In line with the LA school meals service advice we will offer the following in September.
Children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 will receive a hot dinner in the school hall, within their year group bubble. Tables will be sanitised between sittings. 
Children in Years 3-6 will receive a packed lunch option only and this will be eaten in the classroom. If you intend to send your child with their own packed lunch, please inform the office. If not, and you pay for your child’s lunch, this is £11 per week for children in Years 3-6.
In September, we request that children bring nothing with them to school other than a coat and a water bottle. No bags or pencil cases should be brought to school. On days when children are doing PE, they should arrive in their PE clothes and bring a water bottle, again, no bags. They can bring a packed lunch box if they are bringing their own lunch, but no backpacks please!
If anyone has any queries in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me at
Until we see you all again in September, have a lovely summer and please stay safe.
Mrs Todd & Staff