From time to time our children may come across content online which gives them ‘Yukky Feelings’ (makes them sad, scared or worried).  It is especially important that children know to follow the Kidsafe Rules which we teach at Ashley:

  1. Walk Away
  2. Say No
  3. Tell a Trusted Grown-Up

There will always be risks posed to children, both online and offline and it is important that we give them the skills and strategies to be able to deal with these risks appropriately.

As grown-ups we can make sure we are aware of age restrictions on Apps and games, use privacy settings, block and report users or posts that are worrying and above all, communicate with our children.  Remind them not to accept friend requests from people they don’t know and to check with a Trusted Grown-Up before sharing personal information.

As always there are some really useful websites where you can get  a wealth of information.

Please also be reassured that when children are working online on school hardware that key strokes and content accessed/searched for is monitored and only age appropriate content is available.