This week in Kidsafe, the children in Mrs Hall’s class learned about all things cyber!

We learned about staying safe when using computers, laptops, X-boxes, Playstions and iPads etc… We thought about the different uses we have for these types of technology, and in particular, using them to access the internet or to play games. KS and the tutors also thought about what can happen – often accidentally – when using technology, the internet and playing games for example, that might give us Yukky Feelings.

As well as being introduced to the importance of firewalls and thinking about staying safe when going online or playing games, the children also learned about how to stay safe when watching films or DVDs. We looked at Film certification and PEGI game ratings – the children were reminded that game ratings are not based on skill level, but age! For more information on film classifications or PEGI game ratings, please take a look at the following sites: PEGI Game Info   Film Classification Info

Importantly, Mrs Hall’s class were reminded of what they can do to help put a stop to yukky feelings should they ever experience them in situations involving technology, games or films. They can use their voice to say ‘No!’, walk away, and importantly, never be afraid to tell a ‘Trusted Grown-up’. It takes a strong person to stand up, say no and talk about it! Remember, you don’t have to watch or play something you know you shouldn’t, just because some of your friends do…

The children were fantastic and helped KS out of some tricky situations that gave him some really awful Yukky feelings…

Thanks Mrs Hall’s class! Your discussion was super, some great ideas were shared. We hope you have all learned some useful strategies to deal with Yukky feelings associated with online safety, gaming and DVDs.

See you next week!

Miss Sanderson, Miss Davison and KS 🙂

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