Phew! It has been a busy couple of weeks for KS and the children in Mrs Hall’s class!

Session 4 was a fairly sensitive week; we began the session with a fun rendition of the song ‘Heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ which led into a gentle discussion about our bodies and our ‘private places’. We talked with the children about understanding that we all have private places and that, whilst we can have a giggle about it, really it’s quite important learning how we can help ourselves take care of them and how we can keep them safe! With the help of KS, we introduced the children to some special rules which will help them do just that.

It is important that the children know they are the boss of their own private places, but that there maybe specific times when it is necessary or ‘ok’ for certain people to need to see them or help care for them – for example when bathing, changing or if they are poorly.

We also thought about ‘happy secrets’ and ‘yukky secrets’. They all had immense fun keeping their surprise for KS’s birthday a secret and he was blown away by their loud rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’!! This helped the children understand the difference between a good secret, and a secret that could give them yukky feelings’. KS had experienced those yukky feelings and the children were fantastic in suggesting what he could do to get rid of them:

  • Say No!
  • Walk Away
  • Tell a trusted grown-up

Brilliant work children! Now you know when a secret is ok to keep, and when you should share it with a trusted grown-up. Remember: You don’t have to keep a secret that gives you yukky feelings!


Session 5

This was our final week with Mrs Hall’s class!

We discussed adults who have disagreements and sometimes argue. We thought about how this can make the children feel, and what they can do if they ever experience yukky feelings associated with this.

It was important for the children to understand that although sometimes our parents and carers do argue, it does not necessarily mean they no longer care for one another! It was equally important for the children to understand that they should never feel guilty or to blame if their trusted grown-ups argue or fall out with one another. In this situation, the children worked out that they could talk to another trusted grown-up to help them work through any yukky feelings.

We then recapped the whole of our Kidsafe course! Wow!! We have talked about so much over the last few weeks, the children have been amazing and we are so proud of them! KS has had a brilliant time and we couldn’t believe how much the children had remembered and how much they enjoyed the sessions.

Thank you Mrs Hall’s class! Don’t forget, if you ever experience those yukky feelings you can….

  • Say No!
  • Walk Away!
  • Tell a trusted grown-up!

We will see you in a couple of months time for a catch up session where we can answer any of your questions and see just how much you can remember from Kidsafe!

We look forward to seeing you!

Miss Davison, Miss Sanderson and KS 🙂

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