I hope this finds you all safe and well.

Please remember to check out your time slot for collecting your child’s report next week. We must ask that you stick to the times allocated.

We are currently working out the best times for staggering the start/end of the school day in September. This will be posted on our website at the beginning of next week.

Normally at this time of year our staff would be thinking about purchasing small tokens of our appreciation for the children.  However, as we are not able to give gifts due to COVID-19 we have decided that we will make personal donations to NHS Charities.

Some parents have asked about sending in gifts for our staff but we must politely decline. However, if you would like to join us in making a donation in lieu of any gifts you had wanted to give, the NHS Charities would greatly appreciate this.

You can do so by following this link.


Take care,

Mrs Todd