Today the children should have been given a new passcode for the MyOn Online Reading System.  This could be stuck onto their Remote Learning folder along with their other passwords.

What is MYON?

MyON by Renaissance is an online reading platform that offers every child an unlimited access to an enhanced digital library who is able to access Accelerated Reading.

All children have set up their MyOn accounts and have chosen a book to read online that fits with current reading level (ZPD level). If they wish the book can be downloaded onto a device so that it can also be read offline also. Currently we are finding out how to use the package so there could be some initial teething problems. However it once again allows the children to complete read from home and take  Accelerated Reading quizzes as they are able to take a quiz once they have completed reading a book. It is recommended if the books are short that the children read it a few times to enhance their understanding.

All books read/quizzes that the children take are recorded onto their Accelerated Reading records. It is therefore recommended, that the children do not rush through a book in order to take a quiz.

It would be appreciated if you could ask the children to show you their MyOn account and  for you to read with them online on a regular basis to improve their reading skills.

If you want any further information about the app. Please follow this link.

MyOn Reading

If you have any queries please contact me on


Many thanks and happy reading,

Mr Bell