Year 3 and 4 science club started today! The children began with an eruption… as they made volcanoes. They worked as a team to shape playdough into volcano shapes and then added the chemicals. This was a mixture of bicarb soda, squirty hand soapand red food dye. After that, the children poured in some vinegar which reacted with the other ingredients and erupted out of the volcano! Thank goodness it wasn’t real lava. The children discussed how the mixture gave off carbon dioxide!

After clearing up, the children did a chromatography experiment to investigate if the colour black was only black or if it was made up of other colours. The children drew a pea sized dot on a piece of kitchen roll and then dipped the end into some salty water. The paper towel absorbed the water up and the children were able to see the various colours. There were some very surprising results!


See you next week children,

Mrs Royal


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Will and Jacob’s volcano!