Just a quick reminder for the children in my class:

This weekend, you’ve been asked to review your Times Tables knowledge for all tables to 12. Don’t just practise them in order and the ‘usual’ way: think about division facts; factor families (e.g. the factors of 12 are: 1 and 12, 2 and 6, 3 and 4);  multiples; facts and products (e.g the product is 63 – what factors, when multiplied together, give the product 63?) and missing numbers (6 x ? = 54).

Don’t forget to use Mathletics – brush up on your less confident areas!

I’ve also asked you to continue practising your 3/4 and 5/6 spellings – in particular those you are finding a little more difficult to recall successfully. Make it fun: find words within words, research the root part of the word and see what you can discover, try ransom note words – use the Spelling Menu for ideas. Practise is hugely important!

I will provide a copy of the words below.

Last but not least, please practise your reading book – we are all making amazing progress in Accelerated Reading, let’s keep up the hard work so we can end our year together on an all time high!

One more instruction: spend some time just relaxing – be children, have fun and be awesome.

Miss Sanderson 🙂