Year 5 Miss Sanderson’s Weekly Spellings 10.1.19

This week, we have looked at homophones: words which are spelled differently and have different meanings, but sound the same.

Please encourage your children to practise their spellings daily – they really are trying hard in class to get better at Spelling and it’s clear that practising helps!

I have included a reminder of some of the ways we tried to recall each spelling in class.

  1. steel – metal we use to make things (this one tries to trick us – we see  and in metal and think we ought to use them in steel! Nope! Eeeeee, this one is trying to trick us! It’s S  T  E E  L not E A!
  2. steal – as in a thief steals the crown jewels… The rascal stole the steaming meat!
  3. stationery – pens, pencils… e can be found in pens, pencils and stationery!
  4. stationary – Stop! Halt! When we stop, we are not moving – we are stationary.
  5. heard – I heard a sound with my ear.
  6. herd – a herd of animals. A Herdie sheep is an animal – Mrs H loves Herdie sheep!
  7. father – a man who has a child – a dad.
  8. farther – far away. The dog walked farther than the man because the man threw his ball far away.
  9. cereal – I ate crunchy cornflakes for breakfast.
  10. serial – My bike has a serial number on it to keep it secure – I absolutely love my bike!

steel, steal, stationery, stationary, heard, herd, father, farther, cereal, serial

Please continue to practise your year 3 /4 and 5 / 6 statutory words as well.

Many thanks,

Miss Sanderson 🙂