Kidsafe Week 1 – Year 5 JC and JS 

Our year 5 children began their 5 week Kidsafe course today with a focus on understanding Trust and ‘Yukky Feelings‘.

It can be difficult to explain or verbalise how we feel sometimes, especially if those feelings aren’t good.

Sadness, fear and worry can be really debilitating emotions, but for those who perhaps struggle with the vocabulary to explain exactly how they feel, it’s even more of an issue. How do you tell someone you don’t feel right, when you aren’t sure how to describe or even understand the feeling or emotion?

Kidsafe has a fantastic way of providing children with the confidence and vocabulary to do just that: our year 5 children have been discussing those emotions that can be classified as ‘Yukky’ – that moment when your tummy starts to churn and your heart beats a little faster and you know something just doesn’t feel right – Yukky Feelings.

Your child has been given a letter explaining a little more about today’s session; if they wish to discuss this with you further, do encourage it – it means they’ve understood the concept of talking with a ‘Trusted Grown-Up’!

If you have any questions about any of the Kidsafe sessions, do get in touch. Alternatively, visit the Kidsafe website here (or click on KS below!).

The sessions are being led by Mrs. Jewitt, Mrs Gill and Mr Dobson – 3 of our accredited Kidsafe Tutors here at Ashley Primary, and of course, KS the Kidsafe Mascot.

We are all looking forward to next week’s session!

Well done children, great first week! 🙂